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Fiber Goat Shows
Chairperson: Liz Stout Fremont, MI. 231-924-2063

Place: Allegan County Fairground, Fiber Goat Area
Times: Arrival must be at the fairgrounds between 9 AM and 9 PM on Friday

This year the ACACR Nationals will be joining us for the first time.

Show schedule will begin, Saturday, at 10 AM.Release time is Sunday, at 4 PM.

Early releases for those out of state exhibitors will be at the discretion of the Angora Goat Committee.

Entry Fees: $8.00 per animal for animals brought for either show or sale. There will be no additional pen fee. Pen sizes are 4X6
and will accommodate 4 med. sized angora goats or approximately 6 kids comfortably. Exhibitors are encouraged to pen
breeding bucks individually.

Children 10 years or older may show yearling buck.
Judge: Eddie Holland 
Premiums: Premiums in each category.

1. First place $10.00
2. Second place $7.00
3. Third place $5.00
4. Trophy only for showmanship class
5. Ribbons plus premiums for Youth show.
Open classes will enjoy premiums only.

Youth Show and Showmanship
White Open Class, Colored Open Class,Cashmere Open Class

1. Jr. & Sr. Doe Kid, Jr. born after March 1st. Sr.
born Jan.1 -Feb. 28th (together if small class)
2. Yearling Doe
3. Adult Doe
4. Grand & Reserve Doe
5. Jr.& Sr/ Buck Kid, Jr. born after March 1st., Sr. born Jan.1 - Feb. 28
6. Yearling Buck
7. Adult Buck
8. Grand & Reserve Buck
9. Grand & Reserve Doe
10. Grand & Reserve Colored Buck
Trophy sponsorship this year will be individuals sponsoring the
entire class, rather than an individual trophy. Total amount of the
class is $50.00.
Sponsors: White Angora Buck – Willie Bill, White Angora Doe – Dave Tripp, Colored Angora Buck -Don & Debbie Krug
Colored Angora Doe - Wayne & Liz Stout,Youth Show -Sharon & David Lawson

Please note: Children under 10 may show yearling and adult
bucks if their parents feel they are capable.

Deadline for entries: July 15,. Late Registration fees will apply for any applications received postmarked after the deadline.

Show Rules: all divisions will follow same basic rules

1. Exhibitors must be prepared to present certificates of registry to Fiber Goat Show committee at the time of entry.
Registered Angora Goats will have two (2) methods of identification, ear tags, tattoos and/or ear notches.
2. Standard State of Michigan health records will be followed. Out of State animals will provide Fiber Goat Show Committee
with Inter-State health papers.
3. Health papers and health checks of entry animals will be initiated by the Fiber Goat Committee. Any animals presenting
questionable health problems, will be detained for veterinarian inspection. If the committee chair feels a veterinarian
has to be called in to check an animals health, the owner has the option of removing the animal or paying the vet bill for the
service call.
4. Application for the Goat show will be by official entry form only and must be accompanied with the entry fee.
5. Application of fleeces with foreign substances such as oil, conditioners is forbidden and will result in disqualification,
at the discretion of the judge.
6. Exhibitors may enter more than one animal in a class and may assign someone other than the owner to show that animal.
7. All exhibitors must own the animal to be entered 60 days prior to entry into the show.
8. A Feb. 1st or after shearing date will be used for show eligibility.
9. Angora goats will be judged on body conformation and fleece quality. Colored angora goat fleeces must show some color to
qualify for Reserved or Grand Championship trophies.
10. Youth classes will be limited to doe classes, adult, yearling kid, and buck kid only to prevent injuries to children.
11. Pens for tack or a farm exhibit can be rented in addition to animal pens at a cost of $35.00 each. Only raw
fleeces are allowed to be sold from these pens. Mohair fleeces will be available for sale from the owners during the festival.
Fleeces will also be available for sale following the fleece contest on Friday.
Simply look at the animals and ask the owner if the animal could be sheared during the festival and if they would sell the fleece.
Shearers are available during the festival.
Animals available for sale only, must follow the same arrival and health guidelines as the animals to be shown.
Pen sales will be handled by the goat’s owner. Times that owners should be available in the goat barn to sell their animals
will be posted at the goat check-in area.

Note: All animals attending Michigan Fiber Festival are required to meet all State of Michigan Animal Health
Requirements. These requirements must be met prior to entering the fairgrounds. Health Certificates are ONLY
required for out of state animals.

Special tags for scrapie program. Contact the USDA

Pygora Show Information Saturday  Fiber Show Rules

Place: Allegan County Fairgrounds, Caulkins Barn

Time: Fleeces must be delivered by 8 AM on Saturday.
Fleeces must be picked up by 6 PM Saturday.

Judging for goats will begin Saturday at 10 AM.

Entry Fees: $5.00 per entry per class. For mail in fleeces see
registration form.

All entries must be accompanied by a photocopy of the
goat’s registration papers as per PBA fleece show regulations.


 Pygora Goat Show Rules

Place: Allegan County Fairgrounds, Caulkins Barn
Judge: Liza Standford- Crane
Time: Saturday at Noon
Arrival Time: Arrival times between 12 Noon and 7 PM on Friday.
Release Time: Release time is Sunday 4 PM. Early releases for out of state exhibitors will be at the discretion of the
Pygora Goat Committee.

Entry Fees: $5.00 per entry per class. Group classes will be charged one entry fee per group entered.

Pen Fees: The pen fee will be $30.00 per pen used, either for tack or goats. Pen sizes are 4x6 and will accommodate 4
medium sized pygora goats or approximately 6 kids comfortably

Premiums: Premiums will be paid to Grand and Reserve Champions.

1. All rules and regulations of the Pygora Goat Association will be enforced.
2. All goats must have an Original PBA Certificate of Registration to enter. This certificate must be available
during check in and during the show.
3. All group classes must be registered on the entry form.
4. Entries will not be accepted on the day of show.
5. PBA Show Rules will be provided upon request. Contact the show coordinator for more information.
Please Note: Barns will be locked up for the night each evening between 7:30 and 8:00 PM

Fleece Classes
1.Doe kid up to 1 year
2.Doe 1 yr to 2 yr of age
3.Doe 2 yr to 4 yr of age
4.Doe over 4 yr of age
5.Wether kid up to 1 year
6.Wether 1 yr to 2 yr of age
7.Wether 2 yr to 4 yr of age
8.Wether over 4 yr of age
9.Buck kid up to 1 year
10.Buck 1 yr to 2 yr of age
11.Buck 2 yr to 4 yr of age
12.Buck over 4 yr of age

Goat Classes
Showmanship Classes:

1. Showmanship Wether Classes:
2. Junior Wethers under one year
3. Senior Wethers 1+ to 3 years
4. Senior Wethers over 3 years Senior Champion and Reserve Champion Wether Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Wether

Doe Classes:

5. Junior Doe 0 to 3 months
6. Junior Doe 3+ to 6 months
7. Junior Does 6+ to12 months
8. Junior Does 12+ to 24 months-Never Freshened (Kidded)Junior Champion and Reserve Champion Doe
9. Senior Does 12+ to 24 months-Freshened (Kidded)
10. Senior Does 2+ to 3 years
11. Senior Does 3+ to 5 years
12. Senior Does over 5 years Senior Champion and Reserve Champion Doe Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Doe
Overall Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

Group Classes:

13. Dam and Daughter-Looking for improvement in Daughter
14. Breeders Trio-Any 3 Does with same herd name
15. Get of Sire-2 Does, same Sire, different Dams

Wool Sheep Show

The Blue Faced Leicesters will be having their National Show at the Michigan Fiber Festival Sheep Show this year and will be having a nation presents at this year's sheep show.  More about the special show rules and information  a can be found on their web site  at



Co- Chairs: Mike & Heather Ludlam
Deadline for Entries: July 15

Take Notice:

Health Certificates are only required for out of state animals. All animals attending Michigan Fiber Festival
are required to meet all State of Michigan Animal Health Requirments.

Place: Sheep Area, Allegan County Fairgrounds.
Arrival Times: Friday between 9 AM and 8 PM only All sheep must be checked prior to unloading.

Show time: Saturday 9 AM

Entry Fees: $8.00 per animal. This includes any animals brought for sale only.

$11 - 9 - 7 -5 -3 11 or more in a class
$11 - 9- 7- 5 9 or more in a class
$11 - 9 - 7 3 in class
$9 - 7 2 in class
$7 1 in class

Judge: to be announced

1. long white
2. med. white
3. long color
4. med. color
5. coarse
6. fine wool
7. Shetland
8. Icelandic

Classes: Each Division
1. Yearling Ram
2. Sr Ram Lamb (born Sept.1-Dec.31, 2013)
3. Jr Ram Lamb (born Jan.1, 2014 or later)
4. Pair of Ram Lambs
5. Champion Ram
6. Reserve Champion Ram
7. Yearling Ewe
8. Pair of Yearling Ewes
9. Sr Ewe Lamb (born Sept.1-Dec.31, 2013)
10.Jr Ewe Lamb (born Jan.1, 2014 or later)
11. Pair of Ewe Lambs
12. Champion Ewe
13. Reserve Champion Ewe
14. Young Flock (one ram lamb and two ewe lambs)
15. Flock (ram lamb or yearling ram, two yearling ewes, two ewe lambs) At the Conclusion of the Sheep Show:
16. Supreme Champion Ram
17. Supreme Champion Ewe
18. Supreme Fleece on Hoof
19. Best Michigan Natural Colored Fleece on HoofSponsored by Cape House Farm, Bill and Linda Koeppel
Saturday Afternoon- 1:00pm-4:00pm- Youth Skillathon-Caulkins Building

Ages as of January 1, 2014

1. Junior ages 9 years and under
2. Intermediate 10-13 years
3. Senior 14-18 years

Sunday 10AM- Youth Showmanship Class

Ages as of January 1, 2014

1. Junior ages 7-9 years (children under 7 may show if accompanied by parent/adult)
2. Intermediate 10-13years
3. Senior 14-18 years
Sunday 11:30AM- Costume Lead Line Class- Youth AND Adults are welcome to enter! Creativity Counts!

Ages as of January 1, 2014

1. Junior ages 9 years and under
2. Intermediate 10-13 years
3. Senior ages 14 and over (adults welcome!) Costume Class will be followed by a costume parade around the
Festival Grounds.
Sunday 1:30PM- Michigan Sheep Breeders Association Small Flock Committee Presentation:

Show Rules:

1. All purebred sheep, including lambs, must be registered and it shall be the duty of each exhibitor to present certificates
of registration and transfers to the sheep entry clerk. Transfers must be signed by secretaries of the registry
associations and must show the date of transfer. All sheep must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor at the time of
making entries. If animals are entered and shown without this being done, all awards including premium money will be
forfeited. The only exception to this rule is breeds which do not issue registrations on younger animals. (In this instance,
the sire and dam paperwork must be presented.) All sheep must have special tags for scrapie program.
Contact the USDA @ 1 866 873 2824 for the tags. No sheep will be permitted to show or be sold without the scrapie tags
in place.
2. All applications for entries of sheep must be made on official entry blanks furnished by the Michigan Fiber Festival.
(See registration form back of the magazine.) Photocopies are acceptable. All information must be complete. All entry fees
must accompany the entry blank, substitutes will be accepted with appropriate paperwork. All incomplete entries will be
returned and a handling fee of $10.00 will be charged.
3. Do not make entries in Champion classes. Only first place animals are eligible for championship prizes, but second place
animals may compete for Reserve Champion.
4. An exhibitor may not receive more than one award in group classes and not more than two in any individual class. When
there is just one exhibit in a class, only one premium will be awarded according to the merit of the animal. No exhibitor
will be allowed to enter more than 12 animals in any one breed, and not more than two animals in any single class.
5. All registered breeds are eligible to be shown, but must be shown as wool sheep. No slick shorn animals will be allowed
and animals must have enough wool to be judged. Judge’s decisions are final.
6. Tampering and/or misrepresentation of breeding, age, ownership and any other irregularity in showing will be
considered fraud and deception. Any premiums, trophies, or awards won by such exhibitor will be withheld. Unethical
fitting shall include the following:
A. The addition of any wool or wool like substances.
B. The cutting, tearing or gluing of the hide or underneath the hide or removal of tissue in an attempt to alter the
shape of the animal.
C. The injection of any gas, solid or liquid under the hide to alter the normal conformation.
D. Any attempts to disrupt or change the normal dental development of the animal.
E. Any products (such as steroids and growth stimulants) administered internally or externally to alter the animal are prohibited.
7. Young Flock entries shall consist of three head: one ram lamb and two ewe lambs owned by the same exhibitor. Flock entries shall
consist of five head: a yearling ram or ram lamb, two yearling ewes, and two ewe lambs owned by the same exhibitor.
8. All animals shown in group classes must be shown in the individual class by the same exhibitor.
9. Birthdates for Jr. lamb competition: Jan. 1, 2013 until show time of same year or for as long as lambs have all lamb
teeth. Birthdates for yearlings competition: From Sept. 1, 2012 though August 31, 2013. Birthdates for Sr. lamb competition: Sept.1 - Dec.31, 2013.
10. Natural colored sheep are those sheep that are registered with a national association and have at least 70% colored
wool, other than white.
11. If there are more than 2 breeders and 20 head or more sheep entered, a breed class will be formed and premiums offered.
12. No animals will be released from the grounds until 4 PM Sunday or all premiums will be forfeited and premiums and
placing will be adjusted accordingly: also, showing privileges will be revoked for 2 years.
13. All sale animals must receive a release from the Chairperson prior to leaving.
14. One 5 x 5 pen may be rented per farm/ business at the cost of $40.00 for the sale of fleeces only, or for use as a
tack pen.
15. Sale animals do not have to be registered but are subject to the per head fee.
16. Exhibitors are responsible for bedding. Hay and straw are available on premises.
17. In the event Premium Funds received from all sources are reduced or not received, premiums may be prorated among
those entitled to same.
18. If the chairperson feels a veterinarian has to be called in to check an animal’s health, the owner is responsible for
paying the vet bill.


Chairperson: Rita Johr


Welcome llama and alpaca exhibitors.
Place: Delano Barn (large red barn)
Stall and Ranch display booths are available to promote your animals and the wonderful fiber they produce.
These stalls are located in the large alpaca/llama barn.

Set up: between 3 and 8 P.M. on Friday, .

Ranch Displays: Display Fee: $50.00 (10' x 10')
Ranch displays are not vendor sales booths but are for the education, information and promotion of your animals. Only raw
fiber, roving and yarn made from your animals may be sold from your ranch display. One 8' table, 2 chairs are provided.
Electricity is available upon request. Display areas have dirt floors. NO other sale items are allowed.

Llama and Alpaca Stalls:Stall Fee: $50.00 (9' x 10') Animals may be sold from stalls. No more than 2 llamas
or 3 alpacas per stall. Please Note: This year we are requesting you bring your own 9’ gate. This gives
people a better opportunity to view your animals. The stalls are 9’ wide and 10’ deep with wood slat sides,
dirt floor and access to electricity for fans.
Note: No tables or chairs are permitted in the aisles. If you need a table, or plan to sell raw fiber, roving or yarn
from your animals you will need to get a ranch display.
Health Requirements: In an effort to help contain costs, we have been working with the fairgrounds with regard to bringing
animals to Michigan Fiber Festival.
This year we are NOT requiring Veterinary signed health certificates, however “All animals attending
Michigan Fiber Festival are required to meet all State of Michigan health requirements”. If you are traveling
from outside of Michigan, you will need a health certificate. Be aware that Festival personnel will be
checking all animals and any animal showing signs of poor health or infectious disease must be removed from
the grounds immediately. Animals transported with suspect animals may be subject to similar treatment.
We encourage exhibitors who raise alpacas and llamas to bring them so that Festival attendees might learn
more about these wonderful animals and their fiber.


Chairpersons: Bonnie Havlicek 989-427-5577
              Linda Peterson 989-365-3775
              Sheila Henry 231-832-1821

Location: South end of Delano Barn
Times: Preregistration for coops must be postmarked by July 1. Arrival: Rabbit check in time is Friday from 6 PM to 8 PM and Saturday from 8AM to 9AM. All rabbits must be health checked by a Rabbit Committee Member prior to cooping.
Release: Release time is Sunday at 4:00 PM.

Rabbit Show: Saturday 1:00 pm   NO LATE REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED


-All sale and show rabbits must be pre-registered.
-Entry fee for use of the fairground coops is $6.00 per rabbit.
(Includes show entry fee.) Only one (1) rabbit per coop.
-Entry fee for using your own coop is $3.00 per rabbit. Only
one (1) rabbit per coop.
-Minimum coop size is 18” x 24” x 18” for French, Satins, German & Giant. Minimum coop size is 18” x 18” x 18” for
English and Jersey Woolys This is a cooped show. Only entered rabbits will be allowed on the fairgrounds.
Breeds for show or sale are limited to the major wool breeds: English, French, Satin, Giant, German, Jersey Wooly, and
hybrids of the above breeds All rabbits will be given a cage tag to be displayed showing
they have been health checked by the rabbit committee. All coops must have a sign telling potential buyers where
the seller may be found when the seller is not with his/her rabbits.
-All coops must have a sign telling the public the breed, age, sex (and price if for sale) of the rabbit.
-Exhibitors are responsible for feeding and watering their own rabbits, and must provide their own food, water,
containers and bedding. All coops must be cleaned each day of the festival. Each
coop must be cleaned and emptied by 6PM on Sunday. Rabbits being cooped at the festival must be at least 3
months of age ALL MFF& ARBA health rules will be followed. o rabbits will be released from the grounds until 4PM on
Sunday, except for those sold to non participants. Early
release forms, for sold rabbits, must be completed and signed
by a Rabbit Committee Member and accompany the sold
rabbit when leaving the grounds.-There will be NO CARRIER
SALES during the festival.


P.O. Box 744 Hastings, MI 49058 United States 269-948-2497

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