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#110 Rug Weaving Techniques

by Barb Gallagher on Wednesday Full Day
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Students will learn a variety of techniques suitable for weaving rugs on a rigid heddle, tapestry, or shaft loom. Techniques will include Meet & Separate, Clasped Weft, Warp Stripes and Weft Stripes plus weaving with rag strips. Pile techniques such as loops, and rya knots will be presented if there is time and interest. There will also be a discussion on appropriate ways to start and finish your rugs.

Class Limit: 12 Class Level: Intermediate

Participants Should Bring: A loom that is warped and ready to be woven on. Bring yarn (suitable for rugs), and something like a fork to help pack in your wefts, plus all your basic weaving supplies including shuttles (stick are fine) . Additional yarns will be available to use during the class.

Homework: Bring a loom that is warped and ready to be woven on. Use 12/6 seine twine set at 8 epi or 8/4 carpet warp set at 10 epi. Allow at least 2 yards in length and 8 – 10 inches wide. Any questions contact

Material Fee: : $ 10.00 for handouts and weft yarns

P.O. Box 744 Hastings, MI 49058 United States 269-948-2497

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