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#230 Sensible Skin Cream

by Joy Castonguay on Thursday PM
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The “best” skin care products don't always come in beautiful, expensive packages that contain questionable ingredients and will be discarded when empty. Learn how, at a fraction of the cost and without controversial ingredients, you can harness the power of herbs and essential oils to create customized lotions and balms that really work. Make and take a lotion, a body balm and an herbal salve.

Class Limit: 20 (age 15 years and up) Class Level: Beginner

Participants Should Bring: 1 cup Pyrex measuring cup, Small dish (like custard cup) for microwaving small amount, 2 rubber or silicone spatulas, Wire whisk, Hand-held immersion blender (VERY helpful for making lotion; mixer doesn't work as well. Check thrift stores and garage sales) apron and Paper towel

Material Fee: $15.00

P.O. Box 744 Hastings, MI 49058 United States 269-948-2497

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