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Find the "Lost Sheep" Compitition

In honour of our 20th year, we are beginning a Find The "Lost Sheep" Competition. 

The sheep will be hidden somewhere on the festival web site. It will only be on the site from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. 

The first person to find the sheep will win a $10.00 gift certificate towards one class at this year's festival.  The winner will be determined on Monday morning by the date and time of receipt of an email to the festival office at staff@michiganfiberfestival.info.  The email must include the exact location of the lost sheep and state what the sheep's message is.

The winner's name will be announced on the Michigan Fiber Festival Facebook Group Page.  If you are not currently a member, request to be added to the page.

A new lost sheep competition will begin each Friday afternoon from now until the end of June.  The prize for each week will be announced on Friday on Facebook and as a Blog Post on the festival web site.

Office staff, board members and committee members are excluded from play.  Only one win per person.

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