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Winner of week 3 of the "Lost Sheep Contest

The response for week three has been outstanding.  Eleven individuals found this week's little lady.  Thanks to all of you who participated in our third "Lost Sheep" contest. 

Our young ewe was hiding at the bottom of the Marketplace page with her backpack and cart full of fibers.

We actually have two winners this week.  Melissa Powers and Kristy Hardy both sent their answers in at exactly 7:00 AM on Saturday with the location of our missing sheep and the colors of the fibers in her collection.  Remember the rules stated the answer could not come in before 7:00 AM and we needed both the location and the colors of the fibers.

The other individuals who found this week's sheep are:   Laura Boykin, Kathy Meier, Marsha Dekker, Pam Duff, Mary VanSlooten, Judy Beattie, Cynthia Brant, Marge Mills and Kathleen Zein.

Watch this Friday's blog post for hints on what to look for when searching for the next "Lost Sheep"  and also what the prize will be.  The hints are very important for narrowing down who our missing sheep is going to be, and remember he is always only a visitor.

And don't forget about Contest #2

Contest #2 We are going to put a reward out there for referring people to the festival web site to sign up for workshops. If you can get three people to sign up for a workshop and list your name in the notes section at check out as their referral, you will received a $15.00 gift certificate towards a 2016 festival workshop. For every individual past 3 that lists your name in the notes section at check out as their referral, you will get an additional $5.00 off a workshop. Just think, 10 referrals and you get a free ½ day workshop!

Contest #2 will run until June 15th with the awards taking place on Friday June 17th.
This a great chance to contact friends and family that may not spend a lot of time on the computer but are very interested in fiber arts and get them to take a workshop. Loan them the use of your Internet device to shop for the perfect workshop and create their registration.

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