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Winner of Week 5 Lost Sheep Contest

I hope you all are having as much fun finding the sheep as I am hiding them.  We had six correct answers on this week's sheep location.  The two winning entries both came in at exactly 7am on Saturday.  Remember, you can only win one time in the contest. 

This weeks diligent ewe was knitting away in the class photos for workshop #122 taught by Galina.  Her color was on the orange side as she was knitting directly from her own fleece.

The two winners were Debbie Wood and Christine Wilkerson.  The others who had the correct answer, just not in time were: Adrienne Rieck, Kathy Meier (disqualified because she was a multiple winner), Margie Weaver and Heidi George.

Both of this week's winners are getting a lace knitting book, yarn and needles. 

Watch this Friday's blog post for hints on what to look for when searching for the next "Lost Sheep"  and also what the prize will be.  The hints are very important for narrowing down who our missing sheep is going to be, and remember she is always only a visitor.  

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