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Register for Workshops before the price goes up on July first.

Festival Information Workshops Registrations

The festival staff is hard at work getting everything ready for the 2015 Michigan Fiber Festival.  Workshops registrations are steadily coming in but there are still many openings.  Only 11 workshops are completely full but others are coming close. 

As of July 1st, the price of the workshops go up $5.00 for half day and $10 for full day workshops.  If you have been trying to decide, now is the time to get that registration in to still get the early bird pricing.   Also July 2nd is when the workshop committee decides which workshops will have to be cancelled due to low student counts.  
If you signed up for a workshop and are wondering if your class may be in trouble, this is the way to find out.  Under the Workshop drop down menu, find the class you are taking by either clicking on the link for your class under the instructors name or by going to the day the workshop is offered.  Right under the name of the workshop it will tell you how many available spots there are in the workshop.  Then go down into the description of the workshops and find out how many students the instructor is willing to take.  If the difference in these two amounts is less than 5, this workshop is in danger of being cancelled.

You can help save the class.   Personally contact people you think would be interested in taking the workshop and get them to sign up for the class.  The festival staff does not like cancelling workshops, but we also cannot let workshops take place that do not have enough students to support them.   By inviting your friends and associates to take your favorite workshop, everyone wins, you, the instructor and the festival.  

Also remember, the Michigan Fiber Festival needs to have a membership base to keep its non-profit status.  Please help support the festival by purchasing a membership.  There are 3 levels available and each level has slightly different benefits.  All of the information able memberships can be found on the festival web site under the membership drop down.

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