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Thank you to All the Volunteers that answered the call

One February 7th, there was an emergency board meeting to address the issue of too many volunteer spots going unfilled.
At this time I would like to that all the individuals that stepped up to fill those vacancies and help assure that the Michigan Fiber Festival will continue to be the same great event it has always been.
Here is the list of the people that need to be thanked.
Board Members
JeanAnn Wahl-Piotrowski
Janet Clawson
Jaunita Manning-Walsh
Betty Soltesz
Beb Brosz
Nan Nichoals
Sue Parker-Adams
Glenda Plummer
Liz Stout
Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs
Alpaca/Llama Farmers Market Betty Solsz and Cora Foley
Angora Goat Show Liz Stout and Melanie Pitts
Camping Sue Pufpaff, Karen Sanders and Vangie Agemy
Entertainment Janet Clawson
Free Demonstrations Nan Nichols ~Animals
Fiber Arts ~ Shirly Wigman, Pat Kreiling and Ernestine Bains
Festival Signs Melissa Powers and Terri Smith
Fiber Arts Display Mary Hinchman and Karen Cote'
Hospitality/Information JeanAnn Wahl-Piotrowski
Workshop Check In Loretta Gunburg
Kids Activities Karen Cote'
Mini Worshops Sue Pufpaff
Mohair Fleece Liz Stout and Judy Hogan
Promotion Items Jean Ann Wahl-Piotrowski and Terri Gherardi
Publicity Glenda Plummer
Pygora Goats Nan Nichols and Linda Haug
Rabit Show/Fleece Sheila Henry, Lynda Jeltema and Bonnie Havlicek
Ribbons and Trophies Diane Double
Scholarships Dawn Kilmer
Sheep Show Mike and Heather Ludlam
Skein Competition Janet Clawson and Rowan O'Da;ugherty
Vendor Booths Linda Brown and Deb Browz
Volunteer Coordinataor Karen Sanders and Vangie Agemy
Wool Fleece Show Juanita Manning-Walsh, Glenna Plummer and Mary Raab
Workshops Melissa Powers, Terri Smith and Sue Parker-Adams
And the two part time office people
Sue Pufpaff and Sue Parker-Adams.

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