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Option 4: Link Your Vendor Listing!

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Option Four: Vendor Listing Shop Link!  $10.00  Drive shoppers to your booth by allowing them to browse ahead of time! Many festival shoppers research before they come to the festival to be sure to hi ...

Option 1: Festival Marketplace Online Advertisement

Option One : Festival Marketplace Ad $30.00/year These are the smallest and most affordable ads the festival has to offer. These ads will all be located on the Festival Marketplace Page  and can be vi ...

Option 2: Medium Targeted Online Advertisement

Option Two: Medium Targeted Add $40.00/year These ads are our middle of the road options. They are medium in size and will be placed on the website where it will work best for YOU! Pick a page you fee ...

Option 3: Large Targeted Online Advertisement

Option Three: Large Targeted Ad $50.00/year These are targeted ads just like our medium option with an additional advantage. Since classes (the best place to place a targeted product ad) are not liste ...