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(201) SOLD OUT!!! The Ultimate Weaver's Basket

This fun basket is actually 3 in one! You will weave two small side baskets into a larger square basket on legs.  Workshop #: 201Duration: Full Day Workshop 9am-4pm (with a one hour lunch break)Day: T ...

(321) SOLD OUT! The Small Knitter - Small Irish Knitting Basket

Weave a small version of the Irish Knitting Basket. Choice of 5” or 8”, or 10” hoops. Several color choices available.  Workshop #: 321Duration: Half Day AM Workshop 9am-12pmDay: Friday AMInstructor:  ...

(331) Broom Maker Primer

Learn the basics of tying a broom. We will start with a simple mini whisk to get the feel of the wrapping process. Then we will go to making an Angel Wing Whisk Broom. If time allows, you can make a p ...