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(120) ONE SPOT LEFT!! Fractal: Blend and Spin

We currently have 1 spaces left.
Preparing your fibers to create a fractal interplay of color can be extraordinarily involved or incredibly simple. In this course we will explore preparation methods and how spinning techniques effect ...

(130) ONE SPOT LEFT!!! Tweed: Blend and Spin

We currently have 1 spaces left.
Get involved in another part of the spinning process by blending your own Tweed batt! We will begin this workshop by introducing students to the drum carder by blending a batt to their optimal speckle ...

(204) Social Media for Fiber Folk

We currently have 4 spaces left.
Jump into social media promotion for your fiber venture! In just a few hours we will demystify some of the most popular social media tools at your disposal to jumpstart your business, raise awareness ...