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(108) The Shepherd's Rug

We currently have 6 spaces left.
This two-day workshop is for the person who wants to jump right in and make a terrific looking braided rug out of roving from start to finish. Using easy techniques and minimal equipment, students wil ...

(204) Social Media for Fiber Folk

We currently have 4 spaces left.
Jump into social media promotion for your fiber venture! In just a few hours we will demystify some of the most popular social media tools at your disposal to jumpstart your business, raise awareness ...

(208) SOLD OUT!!! Rug Hooking

This type of hooking consists of pulling strips of wool material through a backing to create a design. This all day class will open up a whole new art form in working with wool and will offer students ...

(323)SOLD OUT! Meditation Stones: Cane Weaving on Rocks

These are just plain fun to make!  In this workshop we will use smooth rocks of various shapes and weave patterns on them using chair cane.  I will bring some rocks to the workshop but you are welcome ...

(331) SOLD OUT!! Broom Maker Primer

Learn the basics of tying a broom. We will start with a simple mini whisk to get the feel of the wrapping process. Then we will go to making an Angel Wing Whisk Broom. If time allows, you can make a p ...

(333) E-Textiles: Soft Circuits

We currently have 6 spaces left.
You can really add some bling to your projects by adding LED lights.  E-textiles using conductive fiber can be used in sewing, spinning, and weaving.  In this class we will learn some basic electronic ...

(400) Seat Weaving with Cane

We currently have 7 spaces left.
I bet you have a chair that needs caning!  Sometimes you don’t even realize a chair was caned originally until you turn it upside-down and see the holes around the edge of the seat opening because som ...

(401) CSI Yarns and Fiber - Are You Up to the Challenge?

We currently have 8 spaces left.
Do you suffer with “UBBFYs or “Unidentified Bags or Balls of Fluff or Yarn”?  Once the tag disappears who knows?   Or worst yet the label doesn’t seem to match the fiber.  Challenge yourself to a work ...