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(103) Exploring the Drum Carder

Begin the day by learning the history of drum carding, how they work and why they function the way they do. The fun goes hands on for the rest of the day as we delve into the differences of woolen and ...

(120) Fractal: Blend and Spin

Preparing your fibers to create a fractal interplay of color can be extraordinarily involved or incredibly simple. In this course we will explore preparation methods and how spinning techniques effect ...

(130) Tweed: Blend and Spin

Get involved in another part of the spinning process by blending your own Tweed batt! We will begin this workshop by introducing students to the drum carder by blending a batt to their optimal speckle ...

(202) Batt Building for Yarn Design

How many times have you started spinning a batt and “hoped” for beautiful yarn? In this class you’ll do more than just hope. You’ll design batts, spin-ply-finish yarn, swatch, and analyze every detail ...

(210) Spinning Icelandic Wool

Icelandic wool has a very distinctive history, look, and feel. This double coated sheep is a primitive breed. The people of Iceland  have made a concerted effort to preserve the original breed with re ...

(332) The Good Fleece

Fiber festivals are great places to buy fleeces but the choices can be overwhelming. In this class we’ll look at a variety of fleeces and learn how to evaluate them for handspinning. We’ll review a fl ...