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331 - Knot Your Mama’s Macrame Friday PM by Gail Hollinger

Description: Macramé has made a comeback from its popularity in the seventies when it seemed you couldn’t turn around without bumping into a macramé plant hanger or knotted owl. Today’s macramé is all ...

SOLD OUT!!! 103 - Making Espadrilles: Rope Soled Sandals with Crocheted Uppers Wednesday Full Day by Gail Hollinger

Description: Rope soled shoes, sometimes called espadrilles, are traditional wore in many parts of the world. Why not try these as an alternative to synthetics and leather? We will begin by braiding t ...

SOLD OUT!!! 207 - Build & Weave on a Warp Weighted Loom Thursday all day by Gail Hollinger

Description: Most looms sold today are beautiful pieces of furniture and just as expensive. Good news! You can build a fully functional, warp weighted loom for very little cash outlay! This is the typ ...

SOLD OUT!!! 321 - Flat Seat Reed Weaving Friday AM by Gail Hollinger

Description: You can make this traditional, New England style, twill patterned flat reed stool, take it home and put your feet up! Traditionally, these seats were woven with splints from white oak, as ...