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(121) Portuguese Knitting

In Portuguese-style knitting the yarn is tensioned around a knitting pin on your shoulder or around your neck.  Stitches are created by a flick of your thumb making this an easy way to knit without st ...

(131) Think Small - Shawls That Is!

Shawls can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  In this class we’ll be looking at – and knitting – small shawls in a variety of shapes.  Depending on your preferences, the resulting shawls can b ...

(224) Two Color Knitting: It's not just fair isle anymore!

Do you look at items knitted in more than one color and want to knit them, but feel intimidated?  Well this is the class for you.  In this class we will discuss: history of two color knitting; types o ...

(234) Montage of Mosaic

What do you think of when you think of Mosaic Knitting?  Do you think of something geometric or 'Greek' looking?  Checkerboard? Windowpane? Waffle-like or Woven? Something abstract or 'Op Art'?  No ma ...

(326) Christmas Stocking

This class is designed for the person that has never knit a sock and still feels a bit intimidated when thinking about knitting socks.  Knitting a Christmas Stocking requires the same techniques used ...