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(109) Spinning Cellulose Fibers: Old & New

Spinners recently saw an explosion in cellulose fibers available for use: naturally colored cottons; various bast preparations - hemp, ramie, bamboo; plus, Tencel™ and rayon from Bamboo.  Each of thes ...

(210) Spinning Icelandic Wool

Icelandic wool has a very distinctive history, look, and feel. This double coated sheep is a primitive breed. The people of Iceland  have made a concerted effort to preserve the original breed with re ...

(304) Options for Spinning Painted Rovings

Wondering how to get the most out of your painted rovings?  This class encourages and teaches you how to explore a variety of options and yarn styles with painted rovings.  Learn to anticipate and spi ...

(401) CSI Yarns and Fiber - Are You Up to the Challenge?

Do you suffer with “UBBFYs or “Unidentified Bags or Balls of Fluff or Yarn”?  Once the tag disappears who knows?   Or worst yet the label doesn’t seem to match the fiber.  Challenge yourself to a work ...