Mini-Workshops run about an hour.  All you need to do is drop in.  (1st come/1st serve).  It is a good idea to arrive early as instructors can only take a limited number of students.  All fees are to be paid to instructor upon arrival.  Fees include instructions and materials.  

Saturday Mini-Workshops 

Location 1,  1:00 pm  WOVEN STRAW STARS by Gail Hollinger
Straw stars can be made from straw, cane, flat reed, or any relatively flat and stiff material. In this workshop, we will work with ¼” flat reed. Participants will receive instruction on making the star. Included will be material for two stars and a seven-page, full color instruction booklet with laminated templates for stars in three sizes. This is a great workshop for children and parents to do together.
Suitable for ages 12 and up. 
Cost $10 


Location 2:  1:30 pm-- Frame Woven Artistry: Be creative with fiber locks by Cyndi Ernst, Color Dancers Alpacas
Cyndi Ernst is a retired art teacher, and a fiber-artist who raises alpacas for show and fiber products.  She shows and sells her work and products throughout the country. Cyndi will share her techniques for creating artistic weaving with washed and dyed alpaca, llama and sheep wool locks. 
You will receive a simple frame loom and fiber to complete your project. 
All materials supplied
Ages 6-adult.
Cost $25


Location 1:  2:15 pm, Russian Spindle by Robin Goatey, The Dancing Goats
 Spin lace weight and short staple yarns with the Compromise Russian Spindle. All of The Dancing Goats spindles have a non-traditional hook on the end, making them easy to learn and use. Workshop fee includes a spindle.
Cost $25


Location  2:  2:30 pm, Supported Spindle Simplified by Karen Vander Weele, Toasty Toes

Learn to spin using a supported spindle.  This system has you quickly spinning with a method you can build on to increase yarn production.  Supported spindle, bowl, 1 oz. of roving and hand out provided.

Cost $30

Location 1:  3:30 pm   WOVEN MORAVIAN PAPER STARS by Gail Hollinger
These three-dimensional paper stars are fun and easy to make and, in addition to paper, can also be constructed from colorful ribbon. Participants will receive printed instructions and paper to make six stars. This is a great workshop for children and parents to do together.
Suitable for ages 12 and up.
Cost $10



Location 2:  3:30pm Southwest Spindle by Robin Goatey, The Dancing Goats
 Spin medium to heavyweight weight yarns with the Navajo-inspired Southwest spindle. Great weaver’s spindle choice for heavy singles for making rugs and blankets. All of The Dancing Goats Spindles have a non-traditional hook on the end, making them easy to learn and use. Workshop fee includes a spindle.
Cost $35


Sunday Mini-Workshops


Location 1: 10:30 am, Knitting beyond the washcloth by Edith Baker, Baker Up North  
Materials are not necessary. One can bring (but not necessary) a pair of needles(any size), yarn(any type), and any pattern that they would love to knit, but haven’t the first clue how.
DESCRIPTION: This class is designed to take a basic knit and purl knitter, to completing far more than washcloths, and create items that actually fit and look like the picture! If you are always asking yourself, “How do I fix this? Why doesn’t this fit? What yarn? Which needles? Can I do that pattern?” This is the class for you. This class is about theory and function. It may sound boring, but this knowledge is what will take your knitting from a stressful hobby to rewarding addiction…the good kind.
Cost $10 per person


Location 2: 10:30 am Woven Paper Hearts by Gail Hollinger--These charming woven paper hearts are actually little baskets and can be hung on the Christmas tree to be filled with small treats. This is a great workshop for children and parents to do together. Participants will receive printed instructions and material to make four hearts.
Cost:  $10



Location 1:  11:45 am, Starting a Small Farm w/Sheep by Robin Goatey, The Dancing Goats

A few years ago, we retired from our corporate jobs and started a small farm with just a handful of sheep. If you’re thinking of doing the same, we have a lot of information for you! In this discussion-style class, we share our experiences and advice on the operational aspects of running a small farm, from being total beginners to having a healthy established flock. You can learn from our mistakes and our successes. Topics include: pastures, fencing, shelter, feed, protection, transportation, bio-security, and parasite control. (Note that ours is not a breeding farm; we discuss bringing in sheep from other farms, but not lambing or breeding issues.) Handout included.
Cost $20



Location 2:  11:45 am  Knit with Two Colors - One in each Hand by Joan Sheridan, Heritage Spinning & Weaving 
Using traditional jumper weight Shetland yarn, you will learn to knit holding one yarn in each hand to create a beautiful, traditional Fair Isle pattern. The swatch can turn into a coaster for your favorite beverage. Supplies included in fee include needles, yarn and instructions.

Cost $20.

Location 1:  1:30 pm Felted Fish:  Intro to 3D needle felting, by Cyndi Ernst, Color Dancers Alapacas   
This 60 minute session will introduce 3D needle felting to the beginner and intermediate felter.  You will be creating a 3D fish by starting with a white filler base and embellishing it with colored fleece. Not everyone will complete their project in the allotted time. You will be given a needle, small foam, and fleece to complete your project on your own.  Ages 6-Adult.
Price $25


Location 2: 1:30 pm Intro to Rug Braiding Without Sewing by Suzanne Pufpaff

Back in the early 20th Century a technique for making braided rugs that did not require sewing the braids together was well known. The technique has been pretty much lost over time. While I was wandering around on You Tube, I found a tutorial for the technique. It is simple; uses scrap fabric or used clothing very effectively; and, does not require a lot of tools.
Tools required: 2 inch wide fabric strips, scissors, safety pins (one for each strand of the braid) and a needle and thread to stitch the braid strands together at the very beginning of the project.
During this Mini Workshop, you will be introduced to the braiding technique; get some hands on experience; and, we will discuss project ideas and finishing.
Cost $15.00 - which includes a starter batch of strips (enough for a mug rug or trivet) and safety pins.




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