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As committee chairs and board members, these are dates you need to keep in mind.  The festival office will be able to meet the needs of your committee and event much better if you keep to this schedule.

October 20th     Pre-registered vendors acceptance letters sent out

October 30th     New Vendors on the Website

November 1st    New budget requests from committee chairpersons to office

                           Notify the office of any changes in the co-chairs

                           Workshop proposals due

November 18th    2019 Budget presented to the board for approval

December 1st    Start Promotions for new and renewing memberships

                            Begin work on getting Advertisers for the scrolling web ads

December 15th   Contracts out to instructors

December 30th    Previous Year Vendors removed from Website

                             Old ads remove from Website

                            Old workshops removed from Website

         New ads and vendor links added as received to the Website

January 1st       Judge requests and demonstrators to office with amounts to pay

January 10th    Contracts to workshop instructors, judges and demonstrators.

February 1st       Changes wanted for website (rules, guidelines etc.) no changes will be made on website after this date unless the STAFF made an error

March 15th          Workshops- Added to web site for review, not to purchase

March 15st           All  Festival information for 2019 goes live (schedule of events, Mimi workshops, competitions, animal events, entertainment, demostrations,scholarships, etc)

April 15th              Early Workshop Registration for Level 3 members

April 30th             Registration open to general public

 June 30              Animal Registration is open

August 5th         Animal Registration closes

August 11th      Set up begins for festival.

August 15th-19th  Michigan Fiber Festival at Allegan County Fairground.