2020 Fiber Arts Challenge

The Fiber Arts Challenge at the 2019 Festival was a success. So we are going to issue a new challenge for the 2020 Michigan Fiber Festival. The 2020 challenge theme is "reflections."


This photo is our starting point for the 2020 challenge. But Reflections can be interpreted in many ways. It can be something that has inspired you this past year to look more deeply. It can be using a fiber technique that uses the idea of a mirror or reversed image. Or it could be some other way that your fiber creativity has reflected in your life.

All fiber techniques are welcome. We do encourage the use of nature fibers, both plant and animal. So please make your entry is made of at least 90 percent natural fiber.

Since the number of entries is not likely to need the items to be divided by technique, we make the process as simple as possible.

Rules & Information

1. ) Create your entry using any fiber arts technique. Don't be afraid to use multiple techniques if that is what it takes to get the results you are looking for. 2.) It must be the original work of the person entering the item. Kits and commercial patterns are not what we are looking to promote with this event. 3.) Upon completion, bring your entry to the Michigan Fiber Festival on Thursday, August 13th to Building 8A between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm where the event will be displayed. Please bring any special display items needed to show off your work to its best advantage. 4.) When you arrive, you will fill out a few forms, give us contact information, and get a receipt. 5.) The event will be judged as a Peoples Choice event. 6.) On Sunday morning, the votes will be counted and the three highest vote recipients will receive: First Place will be a 2021 Level 3 Membership Second Place will be a 2021 Level 2 Membership Third Place will be a 2021 Level 1 Membership 7. Entries may be picked up between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Sunday. Please bring your receipt when you come to collect your entry. START CREATING!!!!!
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