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Baby Socks

For Preemie Babies use light weight cotton
For other babies use a dk or worsted
Size 2 or 3 needles.
Cast on 37sts.
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 K1, inc into next st k15, inc into next st, k1
inc into next st. K15, inc into next st, k1
Row 3 and all odd rows Knit
Row 4 K1, inc into next st k17, inc into next st, k1
inc into next st. K17, inc into next st, k1
Row 6 K1, inc into next st k19, inc into next st, k1
inc into next st. K19, inc into next st, k1
Knit ( garter st) next 8 rows
Cast of 20 sts., Knit 10 ,cast off 20 sts
Knit 10 rows in st. st. and row 11 Knit
Bind off turn inside out and sew.


Knitting Chemo Caps

There are several things you should know about knitting chemo caps that make them special charity knitting projects. First, when your hair falls out, your head actually hurts.  Therefore, yarn selection is especially important. Yarns must be soft and non abrasive. Second, when you have cancer, you feel awful and you are often pale, making color selection important. Style is important because everyone wants to look their best. It is much better to take the time to make a hat that will be well-loved than to crank them out just to make more.
When you select a pattern and yarn, put your all into it and it will be appreciated even more—and not languish in the bottom of the hat box in the oncology ward. Finally, people of all sizes, ages, sexes and skin color have to deal with cancer so don’t forget the little ones and the men when selecting your yarn and pattern. This is a garter stitch patterned hat knit in the round. It is designed to fit loosely so that it doesn’t “smush” your head too much. Because of the stitch structure, this is a very warm hat. Add a flower pin to spiff up this plain hat that
acts as a blank canvas for your creativity.
Hat sizes 18" (20", 22").
You will need: Worsted Weight, 110 to 140 yards. Size 8 needles or size to achieve gauge of 4 sts = 1 inch. One stitch marker.
Submitted by: Joan Sheridan
Knitting instructions:
Loosely cast on 70 (77, 84) stitches (using a knit cast on) and join to knit in the round. Place marker to mark
beginning/end of round.
*Knit one round, purl one round* until piece measures 5"(5.5, 6"). End with purl row.
Begin decrease at top:
START HERE for large size: R1 - *Knit 10, K2tog* around (77 stitches)
R2 and all even rows, purl around
START HERE for medium size: R3 - *Knit 9, K2 tog* around (70 stitches)
START HERE for small size: R5 - *Knit 8, K2 tog* around (63 stitches)
R7 - *Knit 7, K2 tog* around (56 stitches)
R9 - *Knit 6, K2 tog* around (49 stitches)
R11 - *Knit 5, K2 tog* around (42 stitches)
R13 - *Knit 4, K2 tog* around (35 stitches)
R15 - *Knit 3, K2 tog* around (28 stitches)
R17 - *Knit 2, K2 tog* around (21 stitches)
R19 - *Knit 1, K 2 tog* around (14 stitches)
R 21 – K2 tog around. (7 stitches)
Draw yarn tightly through remaining stitches. Secure and weave in all ends. Embellish as desired.

For free patterns and more information about making chemo caps, please visit knitmichigan.org. Forward
completed chemo caps with care instructions to any of the Knit Michigan Partner stores or to 47 E. Flint Street,
Lake Orion, MI 48362. We distribute caps around the state.


Hooded Cowl

Materials Needed:
Size 7 needles circular 24" & stitch markers.
K ~ Knit
P ~ Purl
K1fb ~ Knit one front and back in same stitch
P1fb ~ Purl one front and back in same stitch
Sts ~ Stitches
PM ~ Place marker
Cast on 140 sts
Join in the round and place marker
K1, P1 till piece measures 14 “
*K1, P1, first 22 stitches, K1fb, P1fb, pm,* repeat 5 times, K1, P1 remaining 20 stitches.
Work K1, P1 pattern for 1"
Work in pattern to 2sts before marker K1fb, P1fb* repeat to end.
Work K1, P1 pattern for 1"
Repeat 3 more times ~ Work in pattern to 2sts before marker K1fb, P1fb* repeat to end.
Work K1, P1 pattern for 1"



 Fingerless Gloves to match Hat

Materials needed: Worsted weight yarn about 110
to 120 yards,
size 7 needles, 2 sets of circular or double points,
one stitch marker and one stitch holder.
Cast on 36sts.
Join in round place maker
Row 1: Knit all
Rows 2,3 & 4: K1, P1 to marker
Row 5 & 6: *K2, P2* to marker
Row 7 & 8: *P2,K2* to marker
Repeat Rows 5 ~8: for 4 inches
Add two stitches to first row
On first st. make two by knitting in
Front and back of same st.
On st 26 do the same
You are now knitting on 38 sts.
Knit all for 2 to 3 inches
At beginning of next round place
8 sts on stitch holder for thumb
Knit all remaining sts for 2 to 3 inches.
Bind off
Place the 8 sts on needle and pick up 8 more sts
from around the opening to begin knitting
the thumb.
Knit in the round for about 1 to 11⁄2 inches.
Bind off