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Intro to Card Weaving

Intro to Card Weaving with Danny Bowles

Instructor: Danny Bowles
Workshop Location: #1
When: Sunday 1:30-2:30pm
Fee: $15
Max. Class: 9
Business Name: Spinning Moon Farm
Booth Location: Expo Building #106-7
Website: http://spinningmoonfarm.tripod.com/
Description: Have you been looking for portable weaving that will fit into a project bag or even a coat pocket? This is your class! In this basic introduction you will learn about the inexpensive and portable, yet beautiful art of card weaving. Starting with a simple band design and a 10 card set we will dive into this ancient craft together. An easy to warp "dark and light" system will get you started. Examples of patterns warps will be presented as well. Experience: some basic weaving experience
Students need to bring:  Feel free to bring extra cards to add to your "loom". You know, those decks with 47 cards!