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Mini Workshops 2017


Chairperson: Emily Wohlscheid


Deadline March 6th


We are now accepting proposals from VENDORS for Mini Workshops for the 2017 festival! Please fill out the form below and submit photo examples to socialmediamff@gmail.com to be considered!  


Our mini workshop format is one hour long is unique to Michigan Fiber Festival. These workshops offer vendors a chance to promote their products and booth at the festival through uninterrupted instruction and demonstration and offer festival goers a short format workshop so they can still take a workshop on Saturday or Sunday without missing out on their favorite events and prime shopping times!

Please submit your proposal via the form below and send 1-2 photo examples in JPEG format to socialmediamff@gmail.com with the subject: MINI WORKSHOP PROPOSAL to be reviewed. Photos should be titled with your last name and as all or part of the workshop title. For example, a mini workshop on Drop Spindle Spinning with the last name smith could be smithdropspindle.jpg If you are submitting more than one photo, please number them: smithdropspindle1.jpg , smithdropspindle2.jpg and so on. Please feel free to email Chairperson: Emily Wohlscheid at socialmediamff@gmail.com for help or if you have any questions.

***Your application will not be considered until photos are submitted. Please try to submit the highest resolution photo possible. Try to take clear, non blurry photos, with plain/non distracting backgrounds. If you have a photo of the skill or product being demonstrated, please feel free to submit those too!!***