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Wet Felted Cell Phone Case

Wet Felted Cell Phone Case
Instructor: Bridget Kavanagh
Workshop Location: #2
When: Sunday 10:30-11:30am
Fee: $20
Max. Class: 10
Business Name: Happy Goat Lucky Ewe
Booth Location: Building 8B #74-75
Description: In an hours time you will learn how to take spinners roving and felt it into cloth. You will learn about the principles of wool and why it felts so well. You will cut and sew your cloth with yarn, sew on a button and decorate your cell phone case with roving, beads and yarn. Felt is the perfect item for storing your cell phone as it won't scratch the glass. If you have favorite beads or buttons, bring them along. Experience required: none Students need to bring: Yourselves!