Workshops for 2024 have been selected!  Getting the ALL information here on the website is a WIP, but you can get a SNEAK PEEK from the link below.

In this world where you can find a video of almost anything on the internet, we feel that being able to ask real-time questions and interact with real-life humans is still important.  

*Level 3 MFF Members are allowed early registration, beginning May 12, 2024. 

*Open registration begins May 19, 2024.

*All workshops offered will run; registration will be accepted up to the day of the workshop. 

*Workshop descriptions and registration will be available on our online "store." 

*If you prefer, you may print out a hard copy of workshop information by clicking on the document below:


 *Workshops will only be canceled for extreme circumstances.

 2024 Sneak Peek Workshop List

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