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#102 Learn to Warp your Loom & Weave a Scarf by Barb Gallagher, Wednesday 9 am to 4 pm

102  Barb Gallagher-- Learn to Warp your Loom & Weave a Scarf
Experience:  All levels
Workshop Description:  I LOVE to warp looms!  If you don’t feel the same, or if you’re new to weaving - this class is for you.  Learn how to go from winding yarn on a warping board, to a warped loom, to a finished project!   You’ll learn all my tips and tricks and how to enjoy the entire process! You’ll be excited to get started on your next project on your loom.   Choose a kit to make a scarf (I will have an assortment of yarns and colors or bring) your own warping material.
Participants should bring:  a loom to warp; warping materials if choosing to make your own project. 
If you bring a shaft loom, bring a warping board, a set of lease sticks and heavy paper  to wind on with the warp.  If you have a rigid heddle loom, bring your warping peg plus paper to wind on with the warp.
Let me know if you don’t have a warping board or if you need heavy paper for winding on.  Any questions contact
Homework:  None 
Material Fee:  $ 5 for handouts and assorted set up items provided by instructor
                        $25 Scarf kit fee (everything needed for workshop scarf project)
Class Limit:  12
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