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#202 Overshot Doubleweave by Barb Gallagher, Thursday 9 am to 4 pm

202  Barb Gallagher--Overshot Doubleweave on 4 shafts
Experience:  Suitable for anyone that can warp their loom and thread from a draft.
 Rigid Heddle Loom Weavers can learn doubleweave on their looms.
Workshop Description:  Sounds crazy!  But if you don’t like the floats in overshot – this eliminates them.   If you don’t like double weave on 4 shafts because you can only do plain weave – this will give you patterns.   Learn how to take any overshot pattern and turn it into this technique. We’ll start off with an overview of doubleweave.  Then you’ll learn how to take an overshot draft, do some magic – and create these patterns.  And then - practice how to weave.   It’s really a lot of fun!
Participants should bring:  a warped shaft loom at least 8” wide, yarns to use for weft – (same as your warp), and normal weaving tools and supplies. Threading information and directions sent upon registration.
Rigid Heddle weavers need to bring their loom, 2 reeds with same DPI that’s appropriate for their yarn, 2 pickup sticks wider than their warp and narrower than loom, warping supplies and 2 colors of yarn – we will set up the rigid heddle looms in class. 2 contrasting colors will help you see the 2 layers. More details on the HOMEWORK sheet.  Contact if you need help.
Homework:  Shaft loom weavers you can choose what yarn and sett you prefer. Suggested yarns are 5/2 cotton  at 32epi, 10/2 cotton @ 48 epi, or 3/2 cotton @ 24 epi. If you’d like to be adventurous, you could try some 8/2 tencel @ 40 epi or 5/2 bamboo @ 32 epi.   8” weaving width is suggested, but you can warp narrower.
See the HOMEWORK sheet with threading information and directions which will be sent upon registration.   
Any questions, please email
Material Fee:  $10 handouts
Class Limit:  12
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