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The End of the Lost Sheep Contest

The Lost Sheep Contest in now coming to a close.  I would like to thank everyone who participated and I hope you enjoyed searching for the missing sheep as much as I enjoyed hiding them.  We have 10 winners for our final week. Christine W, Alice Z, Melissa P, Kristine W, Phyllis P, Marge M, Shelly B, Adrenne R, Nancy A, and Cynthia B. Each of our winners will receive a discount code they can apply to the purchase of a workshop at this years festival.  The workshop order needs to come in between June 20 and the 25th.  After...

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The final week of the "Lost Sheep" Contest

Find the “Lost Sheep” contest - the final week.   Last week the prize was for a knitting kit and there were two winners.    For this week's contest, we are shooting off all the fireworks in the grand finale.   This week there will be no limit on the number of winners.  Everyone who finds the sheep will be eligible for the prize.  Previous winners are also eligible.  There is no time limit on sending in your entry, it can come in as soon as you find the sheep, but the sheep will only be hidden until Sunday evening. ...

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Winner of Week 5 Lost Sheep Contest

I hope you all are having as much fun finding the sheep as I am hiding them.  We had six correct answers on this week's sheep location.  The two winning entries both came in at exactly 7am on Saturday.  Remember, you can only win one time in the contest.  This weeks diligent ewe was knitting away in the class photos for workshop #122 taught by Galina.  Her color was on the orange side as she was knitting directly from her own fleece. The two winners were Debbie Wood and Christine Wilkerson.  The others who had the correct answer, just not...

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"Lost Sheep" Contest Week Five

"Lost Sheep" Contest   Week Five

Again last week we had quite a few individuals find our lost sheep.  This week she is going to be hiding extremely well.  If you would like this week's kit expect to spend some serious time searching.  And while you are searching, take a look at the workshop offerings and pick out the classes you would like to take at festival this year.   Remember, if there are not enough signed up for the class by July 1st, the class will be cancelled AND all classes left with INCREASE IN PRICE!

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Winner of Week 4 of the "Lost Sheep" contest

 The response for week four has been outstanding.  Ten individuals found this week's trio of sheep.  Thanks to all of you who participated in our 4th "Lost Sheep" contest.  Our trio was hiding on the instructor bio page right after Annie Modesitt's entry hanging from their knitting project. We actually have six winners this week.  Phyllis Panozzo, Danny Bowles, Kathy Meirer, Cynthia Brant, Marie Bielawski and Laura Boykin that all came in at 7:00 AM on Saturday with location and colors included in their answer.  Because there was only one kit for this week's prize, we had to have...

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