#500 Ultra Violet: A Natural Dye Study by Megan Williams, Sunday 9 am to 4 pm
500 Megan Williams -- Ultra Violet: A Natural Dye StudyExperience:  Beginner to AdvancedWorkshop Description:  We’ll be exploring the magic of achieving natural purples from barks, bugs and roots. Come prepared to learn how to set up natural dye pots, dye...
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#520 Playing with Plying by Jana Rolston, Sunday 9am to noon
520  Jana Rolston—Playing with Plying Experience:  Intermediate to ExpertWorkshop Description:  Come ply with us!!  We will cover several plying techniques including Navajo/chain plying and bubble crepe.Participants should bring: Functioning spinning wheel for plying, preferably with a large orifice and a...
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