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Workshop FAQ's

How long are Festival Workshops and what time of day are they held?

Half Day Workshops 3 hours
Full Day Workshops 6 hours
AM Workshops 9 AM - 12PM
PM Workshops 1 PM-4 PM
 All Festival Workshops are held Wednesday through Saturday of the Festival with Mini Workshops in one hour blocks on Saturday and Sunday only. Full day workshops run 6 hours - 9am-4pm with a one hour lunch break.

When do I pay my material fee?

Material fees are to be paid to the instructor at the beginning of class. If you are registering for a workshop via standard mail, please ONLY send your workshop registration fee.

How can I sign up?

Online: You can sign up for the workshops of your choice conveniently through each individual workshop listing via paypal - no paypal account required. 


Via U.S. Mail: Updated Form Coming Soon! 

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

You can find our cancellation/refund policy HERE.

How can I apply to teach a workshop?

Workshops have already been reviewed and selected for the 2017 year. If you are interested in applying in the future, please email us at staff@michiganfiberfestival.info to be placed on a list of interested applicants. When the form is available for the 2018 year, you will be able to find it HERE.

I have questions for my instructor, how can I get in touch with them? 

Most of our instructors have their emails published with their workshop listings. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact the festival at staff@michiganfiberfestival.com and we will put you in touch! 

I didn't have time to fill out my evaluation, where can I make comments/suggestions about my experience?

We WANT to hear from you! We are working on making sure there is a convenient way to let us know your thoughts. You are always welcome to email the festival with comments at staff@michiganfiberfestival.info but if you wish to remain anonymous, you can always take our general survey about the festival. It has plenty of spots for you to leave us any comments, notes, and suggestions for the future! You can find it HERE.