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Festival Board Members & Committee Chairs

The governing body of the Michigan Fiber Festival is a volunteer based nine member Board of Directors.  Each member is voted in by the membership for a three year term.  Each year three positions come up for re-election.  Any festival member can run for a position on the board.  Contact the office if you would like additional information about what it takes to be on the board of directors at staff@michiganfiberfestival.info


2017-18 Michigan Fiber Festival Board of Directors

JeanAnn Wahl-Piotrowski, President                                

Kelly Brandt, Vice President
Juanita Manning-Walsh, Secretary
Sue Parker-Adams/Karen Cote, Financial/Auditor
Melissa Powers, At Large
Nan Nichols, At Large                                                        
Janet Clawson, At Large                                                             
Glenda Plummer, At Large                                          
Liz Stout, At Large                                                      


The festival would not be able to happen without our dedicated volunteers.  Every event at the festival has a volunteer committee that oversees the event.   No events takes place without a volunteer chair and committee to make sure it can happen.   If you have an idea for an activity or event that you would like to see take place at the festival, why not volunteer to make it happen.


Committees                         Committee Chairs:

Alpaca/Llama                         Cynthia Ernest
Angora Goat Show                 Liz Stout, Melanie Pitts
Association Memberships      OFFICE  
Camping                                 Karen Sanders/Vangie Agemy
Entertainment                         Janet Clawson
Free Demonstrations              Nan Nichols/Animals
                                               Shirley Wigman/other
Festival Signs                         Melissa Powers/Terri Smith
Fiber Arts Display                   Suzanne Higgs/Karen Cote'
Gate                                        FFA
Hospitality Information           Jean Ann Wahl-Piotrowski
Workshop Check In               Loretta Gunburg
Kida Activities                        Karen Cote'
Mini Workshops                     Emily Wohlscheid
Mohair Fleece                        Liz Stout
Promotion Items                    Jean Ann Wahl-Piotrowski 
Publicity                                 Glenda Plummer
Pygora Goats                        Nan Nichols/Avrill Freeman
Rabbit Show/ Fleece             Sheila Henry/Bonnie Havlicek/Deb Sloan/Jenna Nabor
Ribbons                                 OFFICE
Sheep Show                          Mike & Heather Ludlam
Skein Competition                 Janet Clawson
Trophies                                OFFICE
Vendor Booths                      Sue Parker-Adams
Volunteer Coordinator           Naomi Wilson
Wool Fleece                          Juanita Manning Walsh/Glenda Plummer
Youth Group                          Heather Ludlam/Glenda Plummer
Workshops                            Melissa Powers/Terri Smith/Sue Parker-Adams

If you see any of these individuals walking around the festival grounds, why not go up and give them a well deserved Thank You!