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(335) Working With Hand Painted Yarns

We currently have 12 spaces left.
Many hand knitters are attracted to the vibrant colors of hand painted yarns and amass beautiful skeins at festivals and LYSs. Once home, finding patterns to show off hand paints can be difficult. Thi ...

(334) Weave Drafts Into a Continuous Strand

We currently have 9 spaces left.
Many weave drafts for multi-shaft looms can be woven with the continuous strand weaving method. Participants will learn how to convert draw downs into CSW and complete three or more sample 18 inch tri ...

(333) E-Textiles: Soft Circuits

We currently have 6 spaces left.
You can really add some bling to your projects by adding LED lights.  E-textiles using conductive fiber can be used in sewing, spinning, and weaving.  In this class we will learn some basic electronic ...

(332) The Good Fleece

We currently have 5 spaces left.
Fiber festivals are great places to buy fleeces but the choices can be overwhelming. In this class we’ll look at a variety of fleeces and learn how to evaluate them for handspinning. We’ll review a fl ...

(331) SOLD OUT (331) Broom Maker Primer

Learn the basics of tying a broom. We will start with a simple mini whisk to get the feel of the wrapping process. Then we will go to making an Angel Wing Whisk Broom. If time allows, you can make a p ...

(330) Brahmin Moth

We currently have 3 spaces left.
Learn the techniques to make the beautiful Brahmin Moth Shawl! From the slip stitch striping to the large mitered blocks which create the shape more and style of this singular knit project. We’ll disc ...

(327) Choose Your Own Adventure

We currently have 10 spaces left.
Working within a template and suggested stitch patterns, you’ll design your own hat out of light worsted weight or DK yarns. As a group we will explore how different edgings can impact the style and f ...

(326) Christmas Stocking

We currently have 10 spaces left.
This class is designed for the person that has never knit a sock and still feels a bit intimidated when thinking about knitting socks.  Knitting a Christmas Stocking requires the same techniques used ...

(325) CSW Twills On a Triangle

We currently have 10 spaces left.
Participants will use the unique continuous strand method of weaving to create various twill weave structures on an 18 inch open frame triangle loom. This class is designed for experienced CSW weavers ...

(324) Holey Moley Scarf

We currently have 14 spaces left.
Create a fashionable open work scarf with fashion flair!  Learn how to make very thin roving to lay out a matrix base and then decorate with shapes and fancy yarns.  Wet felt the whole shebang  with n ...

(323)SOLD OUT! Meditation Stones: Cane Weaving on Rocks

These are just plain fun to make!  In this workshop we will use smooth rocks of various shapes and weave patterns on them using chair cane.  I will bring some rocks to the workshop but you are welcome ...

(322) SOLD OUT!!! Discover Yourself SAORI Weaving

Be ready to feel like being 5 years old or younger!  SAORI focuses on the freedom of expression and creativity rather than on technical skills or regularity.  You might be able to find your tendencies ...

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