We are looking forward to a full festival for 2022 including exhibition of the wonderful fluffy creatures that make the fiber arts possible:  Goats, Rabbits and Sheep! 

Animal Events are registered by mail, except for sheep which are registered via WinFair.  Each event has a link to obtain the appropriate registration form. 

Sheep registration using the WinFair program will capture your information online, and an invoice will be sent to you via Paypal (due upon receipt). 


Michigan Fiber Festival has strict guidelines in place to keep all animals safe from potential health hazards. Before considering bringing an animal to the festival for ANY reason, please visit our guidelines HERE.  

Click on the animal show title to get all guidelines and payment information.   

Angora Rabbit Show Rules 

Show Entry Form

Farm Booth - Rabbits


Costume Lead Line Class & Parade

Location: Sheep Barn

Sunday 12:30PM

Youth AND Adults are welcome to enter! Creativity Counts!

Costume Class will be followed by a parade around the Festival grounds.




Mohair Fiber Goat Show Guidelines

Entry Form 

Farm Booth - Fiber Goats

Silent Auction Information



 Obstacle Course Guidelines

Register at the Event, Sunday 8.21.22



Pygora Show Information and Entry Form

Pygora Fleece Show Entry Form

Farm Booth - Pygora Goats



 Wool Sheep Show Information

Farm Booth - Sheep

WinFair Registration opens July 1








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