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Whether it is taking a break from shopping and workshops, Michigan Fiber Festival Strives to have activities and events for everyone! In addition to our fiber related demonstrations attendees can enjoy live bands, kids activities, antique tractors, and the historic village on the fairgrounds all offer unique entertainment for the whole family!   

And lets not forget the eats.

Music Saturday & Sunday


Whiskey Before Breakfast (Saturday Noon to 3PM)



Whiskey Before Breakfast performs Irish traditional dance music; jigs, reels, hornpipes and all manner of toe-tapping tunes and songs. With a variable cast of musicians and instruments, WBB performs Irish Traditional Dance Music and Songs; with Cara Lieurance, Jim Clawson, Gautier Debeyser, Dave Marlatt, Aaron Miller, Jeff Sarnacki, and Klay Woodworth. Whiskey Before Breakfast has been performing throughout southwest Michigan since 1994.


Some of our special appearances over the years include concerts at the Cooper’s Glen Music Festival, the Kalamazoo Irish Festival, The Kalamazoo Scottish Festival, The Box Factory St. Joseph Area Arts Center, LVD’s Concert Hall, Kalamazoo Arts Council Concerts in the Park Series, The Celery Flats Shakespeare Festival, Kindleberger Park Concert Series, Kalamazoo New Years Fest. The band can be heard regularly, chiefly at O’Duffy’s Pub in Kalamazoo.

Henpecked Dawgs (Sunday noon to 3PM)


This tight, and playful group will entertain you with a blend of Celtic and Americana music. These seasoned musicians will satisfy your thirst for fine folk music.  Masterfully played traditional instruments and vocals, will take you on a musical journey, like no other.  At times playful, sometimes haunting and always beautiful!   



Old Tractors R Us Tractor Club Display

Ladies, have you come to Festival dragging a reluctant husband along with you? Men, have you come to Festival being dragged through miles of yarn and roving? Do not grumble any more because there is a tractor display that would like your attention. This year will be the 7th year that Old Tractors R-Us Tractor Club (a local tractor group) will be at Festival with a variety of tractors and activities on display for all to enjoy. Also, this year the tractors will be on display for both Saturday and Sunday! They are looking forward to meeting and greeting the many people that will attend Festival this year.

Please stop by to ask questions and to see the corn shelling and grinding demonstrations. If you have questions or would like to bring a tractor in for display, please contact Fred Banks (269-673-3080) or Denny Hammer (269-673-8295).


Historical Village on the Fairgrounds

Don’t forget about the Historical Village on the fairgrounds. They will be open for your enjoyment Saturday and Sunday. Check out the buildings, talk to the volunteers about the site or enjoy your lunch in the common area.


Kids’ Activities


Committee Chair: Karen Cote

We try to have some make and take it activities available for the young budding fiber artist among us.  The committee is offering two projects this year for the Kids Activities. The children will have the opportunity to either make a felted hot pad holder or a woven coaster.  Check the general schedule to see when each of the projects are offered. The Kids Activities area is in the Expo Center.  The times are listed in the general Schedule.


We will be making:
10:00 paper plate weaving
12:00 small foam weaving
2:00 paper plate weaving
12:00 paper plate weaving
2:00 small foam weaving


Sheep shearing

Heading Dog Demos