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(101) Color for Weavers

Students will weave with multiple colors to produce several different effects. We’ll briefly go over the basics of color theory and how this pertains to weaving and weaving yarns.This will mostly be w ...


SAORI focuses on the freedom of expression and creativity rather than on technical skills or regularity of the woven cloth. This is a therapeutic weaving technique. Students will relax, enjoy, explore ...

(107) Beginning Continuous Strand Weaving (CSW) Make a Shawl!

Participants will learn the unique continuous strand method of weaving on an open frame 3-foot triangle loom. This class is designed for first time weavers as well as for those who need a refresher. E ...

(108) The Shepherd's Rug

This two-day workshop is for the person who wants to jump right in and make a terrific looking braided rug out of roving from start to finish. Using easy techniques and minimal equipment, students wil ...

(111) Bead Weaving on a Loom

Learn the basics of Bead Weaving on a Loom by creating your choice of a Bracelet, Cell Phone Case, Necklace Pouch, Eyeglass case, etc. AND, when you're done, you'll have your very own Bead Loom to tak ...

(200) SOLD OUT! Demystifying the Warp Process

I LOVE to warp looms!  If you don’t feel the same, this class is for you.  Follow the process from yarn to a warped loom. Start by discussing each student’s yarn and then you will wind your warp and s ...

(203) SOLD OUT!!! Weave a Warp Stenciled Scarf on a SAORI Loom

SOLD OUT!  Using an ancient Japanese dyeing technique ”Kasuri” (splashed pattern) with Bengala mud dye, students will stencil onto a warp and weave an airy wool scarf on a SAORI loom. Each student wil ...

(205) Seat Weaving with Rush

Seat weaving with fiber rush is a satisfying skill to learn. Chairs with broken seats are easily found at good prices because few people know how to repair them. This class will teach you how to do a ...

(207) CSW on a Rectangle Loom - Make a Scarf

This class is designed for first-time and experienced weavers on a rectangle. Beginners will weave single strand in plain weave (tabby) with the option of a color change. Experienced weavers will choo ...

(230) Diversity of Wool

Merino, Cormo, Finn, Cotswold, Wensleydale, Romney, Corriedale, and more! The wool from different breeds of sheep can vary substantially in softness, strength, elasticity, luster, and feltability. Thr ...

(305) Loom Rag Weaving

Learn to make Table Runners, Placemats, Tote Bags and other useful things from selvaged fabric that you’d otherwise throw away.  You’ll learn the techniques you need to make it happen and take home th ...

(322) Discover Yourself! SAORI Weaving

Be ready to feel like being 5 years old or younger!  SAORI focuses on the freedom of expression and creativity rather than on technical skills or regularity.  You might be able to find your tendencies ...

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