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(105) Stitching and Dyeing the Shibori Way

Shibori is the Japanese term for the stitching and binding techniques that have been used to create patterns in dyeing for nearly 1000 years.  Class participants will learn traditional stitching and t ...

(110) Color Fiber Dyeing Sampler

Learn the tips and tricks for dyeing luscious, fluffy, colorful fiber that is spinnable and soft. This class focuses on dyeing four to six different varieties of combed top with acid dyes; preparing a ...

(203) SOLD OUT!!! Weave a Warp Stenciled Scarf on a SAORI Loom

SOLD OUT!  Using an ancient Japanese dyeing technique ”Kasuri” (splashed pattern) with Bengala mud dye, students will stencil onto a warp and weave an airy wool scarf on a SAORI loom. Each student wil ...

(209) Dyeing With Japanese Indigo

Indigo is historically THE dye for vibrant blues. The Fiber shed movement has increased interest in using locally grown indigo. Japanese indigo can be successfully grown in Michigan, starting early in ...

(211) Layered Colors on a Silk Scarf

Create beautiful designs with two or more colors on silk scarves. We will use acid dyes, embedded objects, and folding and tying the scarves on a pole to create two scarves with unique designs and col ...

(303) Natural Dye - 25 Colors One Dye

Explore the world of natural dyes and the range of colors which can be obtained from them. In this workshop, we will see the colors obtained from 2 different natural dyes, a variety of mordants and mo ...

(430) Silk Scarf Dyeing

This is a fast, fun project that teaches you how to create multi-colored scarves to accent any outfit or give away as wonderful gifts. The workshop includes everything you need to dye two 8” X 72” sil ...