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#421 Dreaded Neck Warmer: A Unique Felted Cowl by Nicole Gillies, Saturday 9 am to noon

We currently have 9 spaces left.
421  Nicole Gillies—Dreaded Neck Warmer by Nicole Gillies: A Unique Felted CowlExperience:  All levelsWorkshop Description:  Make a gorgeous three-dimensional felted wool cowl that is truly a wearable ...

#431 Felted Flower Bouguet by Nicole Gillies, Saturday 1pm to 4pm

We currently have 10 spaces left.
431  Nicole Gillies-- Felted Flower BouquetExperience:  All levelsWorkshop Description:  Felt flowers are a beautiful and versatile alternative to the real thing.  No watering necessary.  Participants ...

#302 Felted Waist Pack by Nicole Gillies, Friday 9 am to 4 pm

We currently have 12 spaces left.
302  Nicole Gillies-- Felted Waist Pack Experience:  All levelsWorkshop Description:  Fanny packs are in again. Make your own unique waist pack with an organic twist. This bag will be large enough for ...