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The winters are long and Michigan Fiber Festival only takes place once a year.  But we can enjoy our fibers all year long.   New in 2019, Michigan Fiber festival is going to issue a challenge to all you creative people.

This challenge is open to all areas of the fiber arts, knitting, spinning, weaving, felting, basket making, dying, crocheting and more.  

Taking the above photo as your inspiration for the color palette for your project, create a fiber arts project using your favorite skill set.  This is a fiber fun challenge, so don't be afraid to participate if you are just a beginner.  The judging will be more on over all effect than the technical perfection of the project.

Here is how it will work:

1- Pick the colors from the photo you think best represents fall in Michigan.  You can use all of the colors in the photo or just highlight a particular color with accents of some of the others.

2-Create your project.

    a- Spinners- create a blended skein of yarn

    b- Knitters and crocheters- design and create a garment using colors found in the photo

    c- Weavers - design a fabric and then create a finished project from your fabric accenting your choice of colors

    d- Felters - pull out all the stops and create the fabulous

    e- Basket makers - show us what you can do using color and texture in a basket.

   f- Dyers - create a color way with either yarn, fabric or fibers to represent fall in Michigan


3- Bring or mail your completed project to the 2019 Michigan Fiber Festival  by Thursday, August 15th  at 10AM  to the Ag Building on the Allegan County Fairgrounds.

If mailing your project, mail to PO Box 744, Hastings, Michigan by August 1st.  Please include return postage if we will need to mail your project back to you.

4- Include with your projects the following information:  Name, address, phone number, email and any other contact information we might need to get in touch with you.   Type of fibers used in the project with percentages of each.  A brief description of techniques used (stitch type, spinning technique, felting technique, weave structure.....) and name your project!! 


Also include any special display equipment needed to show your project in its best light.

The Michigan Fiber Festival  will have the photo framed and mounted as the center of the display.  All entries will be on display at the festival From Friday at 10AM until 2 PM on Sunday in the Ag Building across from the skein competition display.   All entries will be judged by a people's choice vote, one vote per technique.  The top winner in each technique category will receive a free Level Two,  one year membership to the Michigan Fiber Festival.

Judging criteria

Best use of technique

Best representation of color palette from photo

Most inventive name